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"We couldn’t have sold our house as quickly as we did without Stacey’s help. She has a great eye and made our house look like a work of art. Stacey’s photos weren’t touched up in the least; rather she caught details that others would have missed. Real estate agents who saw her photos complimented that our house looked spectacular and ready to sell. As a matter of fact, after seeing Stacey’s photos, we fell in love with our house all over again and would like to buy it, only to realize it's ours!


Thanks to Stacey’s photos, everyone had an opportunity to look at our house even without being in there. In turn, it triggered to increased foot traffic and attracted multiple offers above asking price within days being listed.


Anyone interested in selling their home and in need of a professional photographer to visualize their home to the market should definitely consult with Stacey first. She’s a true professional and she will put your home in the best “light” just as she did for us. Much like a picture is worth a thousand words, Stacey’s photos are worth thousands of (extra) dollars in your asking price."

- M. Collins


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